India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Directory, India Imports Data & Import Statistics are prepared from India Import Shipments and Import Bills of Entry filed with India Customs.

This information gives most active and authentic Indian buyers of your product.

We can create a Buyers Importers List for any import product of India.

Information has fields like Indian Importer Name, Import Prices, Import Quantity & Product Imported , Date of Import etc.

Links of Sample Lists are given below.

 India Importers Buyers Database based on India Import data from Customs of various Indian Ports like JNPT, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Mulund, Tuticorin, Bangalore, Vizag, Kandla, Mundra, Cochin, Tughlakabad, Delhi TKD and ICD PPG.

Abrasive, Art Paper, Antioxidant Rubber, Alum Alloy, Acid Cam, Adhesive, Agricultural Sprayer, Air Washer, Adjuster, Automation, Alum, Ammunition, Album, Access Control System, Acetanilide, Activated Carbon, Adhesive Tape, Ac Servo Motor, Acid Grade Fluorspar, Air Bag, Acetonitrile, Aluminium Scrap, Appliance, Alternator, Air Cylinder

Blood Pressure Monitor, Barium, Brochure, Basic Dyes, Benzyl Acetate, Baby Shoe, Boring Machine, Baby Diaper, Beryllium Copper, Benzoic Acid, Beer, Blower Motor, Beta Naphthol, Butyl Cellosolve, Balsam, Buckle Belt, Bitumen, Butene, Baby Oil, Blue Bra, Battery Light, Battery, Black Ribbon, Binder, Ball Roller Bearing

Car Computer, Cadmium, Cardiac Catheter, Cr Coil, Cauliflower, Carbon Tubes, Computer Ups, Ceramic Plate, Cable Gland, Cigar, Computer Server, Control Module, Ceramic Dielectric, Conveyor, Cartridge Filter, Copper Pipe, Cotton Print Fabric, Cheese, Chlorinated, Copper Tube, Car Door, Coconut, Chandelier, Cutter, Cow Leather

Data Cable, Diamond Beads, Dop, Desktop Computer, Data Projector, Dye Intermediate, Dyeing, Drilling Rig, Dioxide Titanium, Dc Power Supply, Dome Camera, Dye Fabric, Digital Camera, Die Set, Detectors, Diagnostic Kits, Dc Motor, Dryer, Diethyl, Dental Chair, Disperse Yellow, Digital Printer, Door Handle, Dairy, Diamond

Electrode, Erythromycin, Electric Resistor, Electrode Welding, Evaporative, Endless Belt, Epoxy Resin, Enamelled Copper Wire, Electric Power, Engine Seal, Epdm Rubber, Elevator, Energy Meter, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Envelop, Edible Palm Oil, Eye Hook, Electromagnetic, Electronic Weigh, Evaporator, Electric Model, Electromechanical, Electrolytic, Electric Tool, Electric Generator

Ferro Manganese, Furniture, Flourescent, Fuel Oil, Fancy Plywood, Fibre Mat, Filter Drier, Flux Welding, Filter Paper, Fiber, Fish Powder, Fabric Tape, Fountain, FoodStuff, Filter Water, Fire Fighting, Floor Mat, Filters, Flow Indicator, Foil Paper, Fibre Asbestos, Footwear, Foil, Foil Stamp, Fiber Optic Endoscope

Gentamycin Sulphate, Gas Analyzer, Gent Shoe, Generators, Generator Set, Glass Rod, Generator Part, Garment Accessories, Generator, Grinding Wheel, Garment Button, Grade Powder, Glass Ware, Gear Assembly, Garment Cotton, Gas Pipe, Gas Generator, Green Tea, Grease Gun, Graphite, Gas Cartridge, Gasket, Glass Frame, Gasket Seal, Gas Turbine

Hydraulic Oil, Hardware Lock, Heat Exchanger, Hair Dryer, Hydraulic Press, Hydroxy Methyl, Heparin, Hexagon Bolt, Hose Assembly, Hose Fitting, Heavy Weight, Heat Cap, Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Filter, Hexanoic Acid, Hand Bag, Hydraulic Seal, Heat Shrinkable Sleeve, Headphone, Humidifier, Hardness Tester, Hydroquinone, Helicopter Parts, Hr Coils, Hydraulic Cylinder

Industrial Oil, Isocynate, Insulating Tape, Iso Propyl, Iron Table, Industrial Fan, Iron Steel Scrap, Inkjet Printer, Incubator, Indicator Panel, Industrial Fabric, Ink Pad, Ignition Cable, Inkjet Cartridge, Isocyanate, Iron Pipe, Industrial Diamond, Intel Cpu, Insulation, Imitation Jewellery, Industrial Sewing Machine, Iridium, Ice Machine, Insecticide, Insulating Material

Joystick, Jelly, Jeans, Jewel Box, Junction Box, Jig, Juicer, Jacks, Juice, Jumper, Japanese Food, Jacket

Kitchen Equipment, Ketone, Key Mobile, Knitting Machine, Knitting Needle, Kerosene Oil, Key Chain, Kidney, Knit Fabric, Kaolin, Key Lock, Keyboard, Koyo Bearings, Kraft Paper, Key Pad, Knife, Keychain, Key Ring, Knitted Fabric, Kitchenware, Kraft Paper Sack, Knitted Polyester, Kettle

Laser Lamp, Laser Spares, Light Emitting Diode, Laces, Lamp Part, Lamp Cap, Lab Equipment, Level Transmitter, Light Fitting, Ladies Bag, Ladies Belt, Logs, Level Gauge, Ladies Slipper, Load Cell, Life Saving Drug, Lycra Fabric, Lithium, Lamp Holder, Level Instrument, Locking Ring, Led Light, Lub Oil, Lipton Tea, Lamp Bulb

Metal Buckle, Melting Scrap, Magnet Wire, Mpeg Card, Methanol, Meta Phenylene Diamine, Marker Pen, Marble Slabs, Mesh Wire, Markers, Machine Paper, Mouse Pad, Musical Instrument, Micron Powder, Methyl Ester, Micrometer, Mother Board, Mask, Microphone, Machine Seal, Methacrylic Acid, Metal Silver, Metronidazole, Micro Polyester, Maleic Anhydride

Nicotinic Acid, Nylon Yarn, Newspaper, Napthalene, Net Cable, Needle Roller, Nylon Tape, Network Card, Nylon Chips, Nickel Pipe, Network Switch, Needle Bearing, Nylon Polyamide, Natural Silk, Needle Bar, Nozzle Holder, Network Cable, Necklace, Nappa Leather, Nitro, Numbering Machine, Nylon Carpet, Nickel Plate, Nets, Nameplate

Oil Hose, Ornament, Oil Press Gauge, Optical Frame, Oxygen Analyser, Oxytetracyclin, Orange, Organic Chemical, Oxide Zinc, Orange Juice, Optical Brightener, Oxide Magnesium, Office Furniture, Oxide, Orthopaedic, Oil Leather, Oven, Orange Oil, Oil Heater, Oil Gasket, Organic Pigment, Oil Tank, O Rings, Optical Mouse, Oil Grease

Poly Silicon, Plastic Components, Polish Wheel, Paper Decorative, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Printed Label, Pressure Indicator, Push Rod, Pin Screw, Petroleum, Proximity Sensor, Paper Box, Power Transformer, Potassium, Poly Button, Paper Shredder, Pine Resin, Polyster, Phone Accessories, Potato, Pendulum, Proximity Card, Pencil Pen, Plastic Coat, Plastic Hair

Quinine, Quinine Sulphate, Quality Yarn, Quantum, Quinoline, Quartz Tube, Quartz Watch, Quartz, Quilt

Reflective Tape, Rags, Rack, Roller Bearing, Ring, Rivet, Recording Paper, Roll Label, Ring Nut, Roller Pin, Rifampicin, Rubber Part, Round Bar, Residue Wax, Red Bean, Rocker, Rubber Ring, Reactive Blue, Refine Wax, Rubber Wheel, Rayon Cotton, Raw Cotton, Remote Control, Roll Pin, Rayon Polyester

Sheep Leather, Sodium Hydride, Scrap Iron, Suede Fabric, Screen Printing Ink, Shaft Sleeve, Stearyl Alcohol, Scrap Tread, Scrap Alloy, Steel Chain, Stand Fan, Sheet Rubber, Signal Cable, Steel Screw, Shoes Children, Shaft, Safety Valve, Safety Shoe, Steel Rod, Steel Cord, Sticker, Shuttle Cock, Sizing Machine, Surface Active Agent, Shoe Lining

Textile Dye, Telephone Key, Timken Tapered Roller, Table Mat, Transistor, Trimellitic Anhydride, Telescope, Track Shoe, Tufted Carpet, Thread, Trouser, Tantalum, Textile Machinery Spare, Tacho Generator, Timken Bearings, T Shirt, Tin Box, Toaster, Telephone Cord, T-square, Textile Fabric, Tube Pump, Toner Cartridge, Textile Yarn, Thruster

Ultrasonic Machine, Upholstery Fabric, Ups System, Universal Joint, Ultrasound Scanner, Ups Battery, Uniform, Usb Drive, Usb Disk, Usb Modem, Uncoated Paper, U Bolt, Umbrella, Urea, U Valve, Universal Shaft, Utensil, Usb Cable, Urethane, Usb Mouse, Ufo Lamp

Valve Pin, Veneer, Vinyl Adhesive, Vinyl, Viscose Rayon, Valve Thermostat, Van, Vcd Player, Video Card, Vitamin E, Valve Fitting, Valve Globe, Valve Pipe, Valve Coil, Vest, Vulkacit, Valve, Vending Machine, Vinyl Acetate, Valves, Vibrator, Vat Blue, Vegetable, Valve Body, Vcd Lens

Waste Kraft Paper, Welding Electrode, Wiper Blade, Welding Equipment, Woven Silk, Wheat, Water Motor, White Lace, Water Bottle, Weighing Machine, Water Purifier, Watch Box, Wool, Wire Assembly, Wire Rod, Water Heater, Wash Machine, Wine, Welding Machine, Welded Pipe, Wool Acrylic, Wall Bracket, Wrist Watch, White Red, Wrapper

Xylene, Xylidine, X Ray Equipment, X Ray Machine, X Ray Accessories, X Ray Film, X Ray Tube, Xerox, Xanthan Gum, Xenon Lamp

Yarn Waste, Yellow Peas, Yarn Fabric, Yarn In Cotton, Ylang Oil, Yarn Wool, Yarn Dye, Yeast, Yam, Yellow 2, Yellow Pigment, Yarn Filament, Yellow Ink, Yellow Oxide

Zinc Coil, Zinc Alloy, Zipper Lock, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Ingot, Zipper Nylon, Zip, Zinc, Zener Diode, Zinc Ash, Zinc Dust, Zipper Chain, Zip Fastener, Zirconium, Zinc Scrap, Zinc Powder, Zinc Dross, Zipper Puller, Zircon, Zipper, Zip Lock, Zeolite, Zinc Plate, Zip Bag, Zipper Fastener

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