India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Directory, India Imports Data & Import Statistics are prepared from India Import Shipments and Import Bills of Entry filed with India Customs.

This information gives most active and authentic Indian buyers of your product.

We can create a Buyers Importers List for any import product of India.

Information has fields like Indian Importer Name, Import Prices, Import Quantity & Product Imported , Date of Import etc.

Links of Sample Lists are given below.

 India Importers Buyers Database based on India Import data from Customs of various Indian Ports like JNPT, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Mulund, Tuticorin, Bangalore, Vizag, Kandla, Mundra, Cochin, Tughlakabad, Delhi TKD and ICD PPG.

Alloy Steel Tube, Acrylate Monomer, Acetyl, Alloy Steel Wire, Auto Oil, Art Paper, Aluminate, Alloy Steel Bar, Aluminium Panel, Acetone, Aluminium Rod, Alpha Olefin, Ammonium Chloride, Alcohol, Almond, Alum Alloy, Acrylic Mat, Air Freshener, Aircraft, Angle Valve, Antique, Automation, Artificial Fur Lining, Asbestos, Audio System

Black Hanger, Badminton, Base Paper, Bucket, Boron Nitride, Bushing, Baby Powder, Bando Belt, Bead, Bentonite, Baby Chair, Barrel, Bearing Grease, Binding Machine, Banding Machine, Basic Dyes, Bracket, Belt Conveyor, Bolt, Bolting Cloth, Baby Diaper, Brake Part, Bimetal, Band Knives, Bleach

Calculator, Cap Screw, Control Relay, Clip Hanger, Carbide Tip, Cobalt Oxide, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Car Bags, Combed Cotton, Cotton Yarn, Clip, Carbon Pipe, Cable Ties, Cotton Textile, Clay, Chassis, Calcium, Cd Rom Drive, Cyclohexane, Cellular Phone, Cumene, Counter, Cash Register, Copper Plate

Disperse Yellow, Door Hinge, Dome Camera, Dry Battery, Diagnostic Kit, Diaphragm Pump, Die Casting, Dining Furniture, Dimmer, Duster, Dioxide Titanium, Dye Acid, Diesel Generator, Diode, Diagnostic Reagent, Denim, Deodrant, Dry Date, Dyed Fabric, Diamond Beads, Digital Electronic, Diesel, Dvd Writer, Digital Switch, Die Set

Emulsifier, Ethyl Acrylate, Electrical Fitting, Electrolytic Tinplate, Empty Container, Electromechanical, Edge Blade, Embroidery Thread, Explosive, Engine Bush, Electric Kettle, Electric Lamp, Electric Resistor, Extruder, Eucalyptus Oil, Electro Brake, Ethyl Glycol, Epoxide, Electric Plug, Electronic Instrument, Engine Gas, Ethylene Diamine, Engine Model, Edge Tape, Electric Light

Fabric Material, Furnace Burner, Fuel Oil, Fluorescent Lamp, Fuse, Flower, Fabric Knitted, Filter Paper, Fiber Accessories, Fine Gold, Fog Lamp, Friction Disc, Flexible Cable, Fertilizer, Filter Water, Furnace Part, Fire Fighting, Ferrite Core, Fuse Holder, Flow Controller, Fabric Roll, Fiber Glass, Fuel Filter, Flag, File

Glass Vial, Grill, Gear Machine, Gear Part, Gear Housing, Glass Glazing, Gear Wheel, Grape, Grey Fabric, Glycol, Gas Cylinder, Glass Flower, Glow Plug, Gear Pump, Generator Part, Grommet, Green Ink, Geranium, Glassware, Glue, Glass Door, Glass Cup, Grease, Graphite, Gear Box

Heparin, Hydraulic Hose, Hand Pump, Hospital Equipment, Handicraft, Hot Plate, Head Pump, Hexanoic Acid, Hardware Lock, Hygiene, Hammer Drill, Hydroxylamine, Hang Tag, Hand Tool, Heptane, Head Gasket, Hybrid Seed, Heat Cap, Hydraulic Seal, Hitachi, Hinge, Honey, Head Rivet, Hook, Head Bolt

Ink Jet, Iran Dates, Ivory, Ignition Cable, Industrial Blade, Insulated Wire, Industrial Fabric, Industrial Sewing Machine, Ink Pen, Iron Oxide, Ice Machine, Iranian Pistachio, Ic Chip, Iso Propyl, Inverter, Inlet Valve, Iron Powder, Insulating Material, Intel Cpu, Industrial Belt, Industrial Diamond, Incubator, Isocynate, Indigo Dye, Iodine

Jewel Box, Jig, Junction Box, Juicer, Joystick, Jacket, Jumper, Jelly, Jacks, Japanese Food, Jeans, Juice

Kitchen Equipment, Kraft Paper Sack, Kerosene Oil, Keyboard, Keychain, Key Ring, Kaolin, Key Pad, Key Lock, Knit Fabric, Kitchenware, Kidney, Koyo Bearings, Key Mobile, Knife, Key Chain, Ketone, Knitted Fabric, Knitting Machine, Kettle, Kraft Paper, Knitted Polyester, Knitting Needle

Lock Cap, Lamp Clock, Level Transmitter, Laptop Computer, Level Indicator, Lub Oil, Lcd Computer Monitor, Lubricants, Laser, Linen Yarn, Laces, Leather Chemical, Lamb Skin, Lifter, Leather Board, Laminator, Lamp Cap, Light Bulb, Lemon, Lighter, Label Sticker, Lawn Mower, Locknut, Ladies Top, Lock Stitch

Magnet Tape, Methyl Ethyl, Marble, Milling Cutter, Metal Cap, Mobile Samsung, Metal Screw, Marble Blocks, Mosaic Glass, Motorcycle, Mandelic Acid, Milling Tool, Molybdenum Concentrate, Methyl Parathion, Micro Model, Melting Scrap, Metal Button, M.s.plate, Magnet Wire, Micro Oven, Movement Clock, Motor Parts, Maleic Anhydride, Methyl, Metal Eyelet

Nozzle Holder, Nylon Cord, Nitro, Nylon Cloth, Natural Leather, Nickel Battery, Needle Bearing, Net Cable, Naphthol, Needle Detector, Natural Graphite, Note Paper, Nappa Leather, Nickel Plate, Nickel Metal, Needle Steel, Network Card, Needle Roller, Neoprene, Nickel Silver Wire, Neomycin, Natural Oil, Numbering Machine, Natural Silk, Nicotinic Acid

Office Furniture, Oil Gear, Office Chair, Optical Frame, Oven, Oil Gasket, Oil Leather, Orange Juice, Outboard Motor, Optical Brightener, Oil Press Gauge, Oil Furnace, O Ring Rubber, Ophthalmic Lens, Optical Mouse, Oil Additive, Organic Chemical, Oil Heater, Operating Table, Olive Oil, Oil Ring, Oxytetracyclin, Optical Lens, Orthopaedic, Oil Cooler

Ptfe Tape, Poly Silicon, Petroleum, Pvc Belt, Parts Compressor, Printing Card, Polyester Yarn, Plastic Clip, Pressure Pipe, Pressure Pump, Paper Kraft, Pigment Blue, Pickle, Pressure Indicator, Plywood, Paraffin Wax, Phone Accessories, Pen Pencil, Pvc Box, Pressure Reducing Valve, Polyester Webbing, Power Switch, Plastic Film, Pen Bag, Peach Cotton

Quartz Tube, Quartz, Quinine Sulphate, Quinine, Quality Yarn, Quartz Watch, Quilt, Quantum, Quinoline

Refractometer, Rack Mount, Roller Pen, Rhodium, Rosin, Rubber Butyl, Rubber Wheel, Roller Brush, Ratchet, Rocking Chair, Roasted Molybdenum, Red Blue, Rope, Roller Bearing, Ring Frame, Rubber Band, Rub Oil, Rubber Oil, Rotary Switch, Rexine, Rubber Pad, Remote Controller, Rotary Table, Recording Paper, Refractory

Sheep Leather, Sanitary Fitting, Synthetic Rubber Sbr, Shaft, Stearic Acid, Sprocket, Sodium Borohydride, Steel Brush, Seaweed Powder, Suitcase, Silica Fume, Sodium Nitrite Sodium, Sodium Methyl, Shock Absorber, Solenoid Valve, Surfactant, Snap Fastener, Sensor, Shoes Children, Solenoid Switch, Stainless Steel Scrap, Sand, Shampoo, Stainless Steel Fitting, Strap

Thermal Paper, Theodolite, Titanium Chloride, Torsion, Tft Monitor, Toy Car, Textile Machine, Torch Bulb, Twill Fabric, Tobias Acid, Tin Ingot, Tennis Ball, Toffee, Taper Bearing, Tape Roller, Twin Tub, Telescope, Textile Chemicals, Track, Thread Pin, Tonometer, Towel, Thiourea, Taper Roller Bearing, Titanium Dioxide

Universal Shaft, Ultrasonic Machine, Usb Modem, Ultrasound Scanner, Ufo Lamp, Usb Cable, Usb Drive, Ups System, Umbrella, Uniform, Ups Battery, Urethane, Usb Mouse, U Bolt, Universal Joint, Utensil, U Valve, Usb Disk, Uncoated Paper, Upholstery Fabric, Urea

Vat Red, Video Cassette, Vacuum Cleaner, Vacuum Valve, Voltage Regulator, Veneer, Vinyl Adhesive, Valve, Vcd Lens, Valves, Valve Globe, Valve Thermostat, Vacuum Gauge, Valve Hand, Van, Video Conferencing System, Vanillin, Vcd Player, Vacuum Pump, Vitamin E, Vinyl, Vegetable Seed, Vest, Valve Guide, Valve Pin

Wiper, Weaving Loom, Weaving Spare Part, Water Hose, Wrench, Wire Cloth, Watch Box, Wine, Wool, Wiring Harness, White Adhesive, Welding Equipment, Wood Veneer, Water Bath, Woven Silk, Wiper Motor, Wires, Washing Machine, Wire Copper, Wetting Agent, Wooden Bead, Wind Chime, Wax Paper, Window Door, Wool Polyester

Xenon Lamp, Xylene, X Ray Machine, X Ray Accessories, X Ray Equipment, X Ray Tube, X Ray Film, Xylidine, Xerox, Xanthan Gum

Yarn Dye, Yeast, Yarn Wool, Yellow Ink, Yarn In Cotton, Yarn Filament, Yellow Pigment, Yarn Waste, Ylang Oil, Yellow Oxide, Yellow Peas, Yam, Yarn Fabric, Yellow 2

Zirconium, Zinc Coil, Zinc Stearate, Zinc Plate, Zip Lock, Zip Fastener, Zipper Nylon, Zinc Ash, Zircon, Zinc Powder, Zip, Zipper, Zipper Fastener, Zinc Scrap, Zipper Chain, Zinc, Zinc Ingot, Zinc Alloy, Zinc Dross, Zip Bag, Zipper Puller, Zener Diode, Zipper Lock, Zeolite, Zinc Dust

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