India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Directory, India Imports Data & Import Statistics are prepared from India Import Shipments and Import Bills of Entry filed with India Customs.

This information gives most active and authentic Indian buyers of your product.

We can create a Buyers Importers List for any import product of India.

Information has fields like Indian Importer Name, Import Prices, Import Quantity & Product Imported , Date of Import etc.

Links of Sample Lists are given below.

 India Importers Buyers Database based on India Import data from Customs of various Indian Ports like JNPT, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Mulund, Tuticorin, Bangalore, Vizag, Kandla, Mundra, Cochin, Tughlakabad, Delhi TKD and ICD PPG.

Apron, Adjuster, Aluminium Plate, Acyclovir, Audio System, Acrylic Rags, Aluminium Scrap, Art Silk Fabrics, Air Hose, Aluminium Mould, Axle, Alloy Steel, Acid Grade Fluorspar, Alloy Steel Wire, Adhesive Silicon, Aluminium Cap, Alloy Metal, Antimony, Arm Shaft, Aniline, Aircraft Battery, Angle, Air Washer, Abs Resin, Auto Bulb

Ball Pump, Bulb, Bearing Shaft, Body Spray, Bottle Cap, Ball Valve, Basic Dyes, Blood Pressure Monitor, Blade Machine, Blender, Bearing Seal, Balsam, Bearings, Betel Nut, Brake Lining, Brake Spare Parts, Bridge Diode, Boron Nitride, Block Marble, Bird Toy, Baby Bag, Barrel, Black Carbon, Back Light, Bio Chemical

Candle, Cable Connector, Color Paper, Citral, Cylinder, Camera, Ceramic Machine, Cable Gland, Cobalt Metal, Carbon Block, Computer Fan, Cutting Tool, Cd Rom, Cctv Camera, Chemical Rubber, Cobalt Acetate, Car Carpet, Cfl Lamp, Cardan Shaft, Cellulose, Cobalt, Carbon Chrome, Chain Roller, Cylinder Valve, Cadmium

Digital Printer, Dimethyl Sulphoxide, Diamond Wheel, Dc Power Supply, Dexamethasone, Door Closer, Diagnostic Reagent, Dimethyl Formamide, Dry Battery, Dg Set, Display Pan, Drill Pipe, Denim, Dye Intermediate, Dryer, Diamond Tool, Dihydrate, Denim Fabric, Dc Fan, Dome Camera, Dental Cement, Diagnostic Kits, Dried Fish, Drawcord, Digital Clock

Epichlorohydrin, Engine Oil, Engine Valve, Epson Printer, Engine Spare, Engine Seal, Electric Lamp, Electronic Ballast Electronic, Electronic Automatic, Energy Meter, Electric Resistor, Ejector Pin, Ethylene, Electrolytic Tinplate, Expansion Joint, Electron Balance, Embroidery Machine, Electric Cable, Electric Fan, Epoxy Resin, Evaporator, Electromechanical, Electronic Component, Electric Motor, Electric Generator

Fluorescent Lamp, Floor Mat, Fog Lamp, Fiber Optical, Fur, Fuel Injector, Fiber Accessories, Fan Parts, Flexible Cable, Flourescent, Filter Cloth, Fish Lamp, Furniture Fitting, Filling Machine, FoodStuff, Film Roll, Floor Ceramic, Furnace Part, Furfuryl Alcohol, Fax Modem, Frequency Inverter, Filter Disc, Fat Oil, Flat Belt, Flag

Garment Button, Green Peas, Generator, Glasswool, Gasket, Glass Powder, Gear Wheel, Grey Fabric, Glass Flower, Grade Powder, Glazed Paper, Glass Tray, Glass Cup, Gift Box, Gel Pen, Grease Pump, Gasket Seal, Grease, Glass Frame, Glass Shell, Ginger, Grade Paper, Glass Block, Gas Cylinder, Generator Set

Hair Pin, Hydraulic Hose, Head Light, Hot Roll Coil, Headphone, Helical Gear, Hot Rolled, Head Comp, Hp Laserjet, Head Bolt, Hat, Hex Head Screw, Head Pump, Heat Shrinkable Sleeve, Hose Reel, Hand Pump, Hms Scrap, Hose Pipe, Heat Shrink Tube, Halide Lamp, Hygiene, Heat Sink, Hardware Lock, Hydraulic Equipment, Hose Fitting

Incubator, Isophthalic Acid, Industrial Spring, Isopropyl Alcohol, Ipa, Impeller, Ink Pen, Irish Moss Extract, Iron Table, Inkjet Printer, Injection Spare, Insulating Paper, Ivory, Iranian Pistachio, Industrial Powder, Inkjet Paper, Ink Pad, Imitation Jewellery, Inkjet Printer Ink, Iron Pipe, I V Cannula, Insulating Tape, Injection Moulding Machine, Intel Cpu, Ignition Transformer

Juice, Jewel Box, Juicer, Junction Box, Jig, Jacks, Jumper, Japanese Food, Jacket, Jelly, Joystick, Jeans

Knitted Polyester, Kaolin, Keyboard, Key Ring, Kraft Paper, Key Chain, Kitchenware, Knitting Machine, Knife, Key Pad, Koyo Bearings, Kerosene Oil, Knitted Fabric, Kitchen Equipment, Knitting Needle, Key Lock, Ketone, Key Mobile, Kidney, Kraft Paper Sack, Kettle, Knit Fabric, Keychain

Linen, Level Instrument, Laser Diode, Linalool, Laminator, Lcd Watch, Light Bulb, Lysine Hcl, Lead Battery, Lamp Gift, Lycra Fabric, Leather Garment, Lime Oil, Lycra, Lamb Skin, Life Saving Drug, Lcd Clock, Lubricant Oil, Laboratory Chemical, Lamp Bulb, Leather Bag, Liquid Crystal Device, Lawn Mower, Liver, Leather Case

Mono Glycol, Motorcycle, Molding, Ms Pipe, Metal Film Resistor, Magenta, Monitor, Moly Powder, Milk Powder, Molybdenum Wire, Methyl Methacrylate, Markers, Metal Seal, Mineral Oil, Men Garment, Mushroom, Michelin, Micrometer, Methyl Ether, Marble Blocks, Methionine, Marker Pen, Metal Rivet, Mud Pump, Methyl Cellulose

Nut Washer, Norfloxacin, Nylon Tube, Nail, Natural Graphite, Newsprint, Natural Silk, Nickel Wire, Nokia Mobile Phone, Nylon Carpet, Necklace, Newsprint Paper, Nickel Oxide, Nozzle Holder, Nickel, Network Card, Naphthalene Crude, Net Cable, Natural Leather, Naphthol, Nylon Brush, Nylon, Numbering Machine, Neoprene Rubber, Nylon Cloth

Oscilloscope, Oil Heater, Oil Gear, Oil Pressure Switch, Olive Oil, Optical Frame, O Rings, Orange Oil, Oxytetracyclin, Oil Hose, Office Chair, Organic Pigment, Oxygen Analyser, Ofloxacin, Octoic Acid, Oil Ring, Olefin, Office Furniture, Oil Vegetable, Oil Fish, Onion, Oats, Oleic Acid, Operating Table, Oil Tank

Polyamine, Polyester Filament Yarn, Press Tool, Polyester Label, Plastic Injection, Pvc Coated, Piston Assy, Power Switch, Pill, Polyethylene Resin, Paper Card, Photometer, Phenolic, Propylene, Polyolefin, Plastic Coat, Plastic Net, Ph Meter, Polypropylene Granule, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Printing Ink Yellow, Poly Vinyl, Plate, Polyester Texturised, Plastic Box

Quinine, Quilt, Quantum, Quartz Tube, Quinoline, Quartz, Quartz Watch, Quinine Sulphate, Quality Yarn

Roll Pvc, Rubber Ring, Ring Frame, Raw Cashew Nuts, Raw Asbestos, Ratchet, Rotary Table, Radio Antenna, Razor, Ring Piston, Router, Rubber Pad, Rosin, Rubber Tyre, Roller Pin, Rubber Butyl, Residue Wax, Roller Taper, Reduction Gear, Resorcinol, Rectifier Diode, Reagent, Rubber Stopper, Radio, Rosin Gum

Shear Blade, Silk Fabric, Stabilizer, Synthetic Fibre, Silk Yarn, Silane, Straight Wire, Safety Device, Synthetic Organic, Sheet Rubber, Socket Set, Steam Coal, Steel Balls, Shoe Machine, Sizing Machine, Saw Logs, Sodium Potassium, Snap Button, Suede Fabric, Sodium Hydride, Steel Tube, Semi Paraffin, Sony Ericsson Mobile, Sticker, Seamless Copper

Tennis Racket, Transistors, Telephone Wire, Tube, Thermostatic Valve, Tungsten Rod, Tools Wrench, Twill Fabric, Teak Wood, Tail Lamp, Textile Dye, Taffeta, Timken Tapered Roller, TIN WIRE, Trimethyl, Telecom Equipment, Timer, Tungsten, Titanium Alloy, Tripod, Tractor, Thiourea, Telecom Software, Toffee, Tetracycline Hcl

U Valve, U Bolt, Umbrella, Usb Drive, Ups System, Upholstery Fabric, Usb Cable, Usb Mouse, Ups Battery, Uniform, Universal Shaft, Usb Modem, Uncoated Paper, Ultrasound Scanner, Ultrasonic Machine, Urethane, Usb Disk, Universal Joint, Utensil, Urea, Ufo Lamp

Valve Cover, Video Cassette, Vase Ceramic, Vinyl Acetate, Vacuum Oil, Valve Fitting, Valves, Vegetable, Vcd Lens, Voltage Transformer, Valve Needle, Vat Red, Video Card, Vinyl Copolymer, Vase Flower, Video Cable, Vaccum Pump, Valve Coil, Vitamin C, V Belt, Valve Seat, Vacuum Cleaner, Valve Pipe, Vinyl, Valve Plate

Washer Bolt, Washer, Wire Assembly, Woven Roll, Wood Frame, Washing Machine, Walnut, Wafer, Wetting Agent, Water Tank, Webbing, Wrench, Water Filter, Wool Fabric, Web Camera, Wall Tube, Wiper, Wedge, Wood Flooring, Wash Machine, Wire, Wheel Rim, Welding Wire, Wax Paper, Waste Acrylic

Xenon Lamp, Xanthan Gum, X Ray Film, X Ray Tube, Xylidine, X Ray Accessories, Xylene, Xerox, X Ray Machine, X Ray Equipment

Ylang Oil, Yarn Wool, Yellow Peas, Yellow 2, Yellow Pigment, Yellow Ink, Yarn Waste, Yarn Fabric, Yarn In Cotton, Yeast, Yam, Yarn Dye, Yellow Oxide, Yarn Filament

Zinc Ingot, Zirconium, Zinc Scrap, Zeolite, Zinc Stearate, Zipper Nylon, Zipper Fastener, Zinc Coil, Zip Lock, Zener Diode, Zip Bag, Zinc Dross, Zinc Dust, Zinc Alloy, Zircon, Zip Fastener, Zipper, Zipper Chain, Zinc, Zip, Zinc Ash, Zinc Plate, Zipper Lock, Zipper Puller, Zinc Powder

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