India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Directory, India Imports Data & Import Statistics are prepared from India Import Shipments and Import Bills of Entry filed with India Customs. This information gives most active and authentic Indian buyers of your product. We can create a Buyers Importers List for any import product of India. Information has fields like Indian Importer Name, Import Prices, Import Quantity & Product Imported, Date of Import etc. Links of Sample Lists are given below.

 India Importers Buyers Database based on India Import data from Customs of various Indian Ports like JNPT, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Mulund, Tuticorin, Bangalore, Vizag, Kandla, Mundra, Cochin, Tughlakabad, Delhi TKD and ICD PPG.

Aerosol, Adhesive Sealant, Acrylonitrile, Alloy Scrap, Aluminium Panel, Abrasive Wheel, Anthraquinone, Acyclovir, Aluminum, Alkyd Resin, Agar Powder, Art Brush, Acid Cam, Air Pump, Autoclave, Amplifier, Auto Lock, Art Silk Fabrics, Auto Oil, Analytical Balance, Alloy Steel Bar, Aluminium Foil Paper, Auto Mould, Alpha Pinene, Aluminium Oxide

Baby Bag, Band Knife, Brake Part, Board Machine, Battery Light, Baby Chair, Butene, Bran Oil, Bush Bearing, Brass Fitting, Borax, Butyl Acetate, Ball Valve, Badminton, Bell, Belt Conveyor, Bottle Cap, Bolting Cloth, Ball Pump, Butadiene Styrene, Brush, Baby Diaper, Brass Strip, Boxes, Blade

Caffeine, Computer Hardware, Copper, Copper Bar, Car Amplifier, Clove Oil, Cassette Tape, Car Mat, Coin, Crystal, Clock, Cerium Oxide, Computer Case, Cutting Tool, Closure, Car Audio, Computer Ram, Clear Float Glass, Casting, Carbon Steel Pipe, Chocolate, Centrifuge, Clay, Counter, Citronellol

Dop, Diagnostic Kit, Decorative Item, Dvd Player, Drilling Rig, Drawcord, Diamond Wheel, Disperse Yellow, Dicyandiamide, Disk Drive, Dl-methionine, Die Cutting, Digital Inverter, Dryer, Diagnostic Reagent, Door Hinge, Deep Groove Ball Bearing, Display Pan, Door Panel, Denim Fabric, Diesel Engine, Diamond Beads, Dental Equipment, Diamond Tool, Diesel Generator

Electric Pan, Electric Lamp, Emergency Light, Electrolytic Tinplate, Electric Equipment, Energy Meter, Engine Air, Endless Belt, Electrode Welding, Electric Fan, Engine Model, Electric Heater, Enamelled Copper Wire, Electrical Transformer, Engine Bearing, Emulsifier, Electric Light, Electric Model, Edge Tape, Exhaust Fan, Ethylene, Exercise Equipment, Electric Paper, Emulsification, Electric Coil

Flux Welding, Fluorescent Tube, Fabri Cotton, Finish Bovine, Flag, Free Wheel, Filter Press, Fabric Knitted, FUEL INJECTION, Fiber Glass, Food Processor, Falcon, Furnace Part, Finished Leather, Fastener, Filter Housing, Ferrite Core, Fire-fighting, Fluoride, Feed Supplement, Fur, Frequency Inverter, Fuel Injector, Flow Indicator, Friction Plate

Graphic Art Film, Glass Block, Glass Lamp, Glasswool, Gas Washer, Glass Door, Glass Cup, Glossy Paper, Gentamycin Sulphate, Generator, Grill, Glass Cloth, Glycerol, Grommet, Gold Bar, Generators, Glass Fibre, Gas Kit, Gear Pump, Glue Adhesive, Guaiacol, Glue, Grease Pump, Gas Pipe, Gear Part

Hammer, Helicopter Parts, Honey, Helium, Hydraulic Jack, Hair Gel, Hair Band, Hms Scrap, Hydraulic Oil, Head Comp, Hose Pipe, Hand Tool, Hat, Helmet, Hose Coupling, Handle Lever, Head Bolt, Hacksaw Blade, Hand Phone, Hydraulic Hose, Hydraulic Brake, Hex Head Screw, Heat Shrink Tube, Heavy Weight, Hex Screw

Ipa, Ignition Cable, Ink Jet, Isocyanate, Injection Valve, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Insulated Wire, Injection Spare, Industrial Diamond, Ink Jet Printer, Iron Pipe, Insecticide, Injection Pump, Iron Powder, Industrial Oil, Injection Moulding Machine, Inductive Sensor, Inkjet Printer, Ignition Transformer, Indigo Dye, Indicator Panel, Industrial Powder, Iron Table, Insulating Tape, Insulation

Jacket, Japanese Food, Junction Box, Jig, Joystick, Jewel Box, Jumper, Jacks, Jeans, Juice, Jelly, Juicer

Kraft Paper, Kitchenware, Kettle, Key Pad, Knitted Fabric, Koyo Bearings, Knitting Machine, Kitchen Equipment, Ketone, Kaolin, Keyboard, Knitted Polyester, Kerosene Oil, Knit Fabric, Key Mobile, Key Lock, Kraft Paper Sack, Kidney, Keychain, Knife, Key Chain, Key Ring, Knitting Needle

Lime Oil, Lcd Monitor, Lamp Switch, Liquid Crystal Devices, Lifter, Leather Foot, Lab Equipment, Lathe Machine, Lauric Acid, Ladies Shoes, Loud Speaker, Laces, Laminated Sheet, Lantern, Lycra Fabric, Lcd Computer Monitor, Lecithin, Logs, Lock Cap, Lawn Mower, Lignosulphonate, Lamp, Lamb Skin, Lock Parts, Locknut

Miniature Lamp, Mud Pump, Methyl Acrylate, Metal Frame, Mesh Filter, Mobile Phone Part, Magnet Button, Metal Scrap, Mimosa, Motherboard, Men Shirt, Magenta, Methyl Ether, Motor Lamp, Mace, Michelin, Mesh Screen, Map, Monosodium Glutamate, Micro Oven, Metal Plate, Monoethanolamine, Metal Film Resistor, Metal Ring, Magnesite Brick

Negative Film, Nappa Leather, Net Cable, Nasal Spray, Nitro, Napkin, Nomex Paper, Nickel Oxide, Nickel Steel, Needle Steel, Needle Bar, Nylon Chips, Nylon Bag, Nitromethane, Natural Leather, Nipple, Natural Oil, Nylon Yarn, Natural Graphite, Naphthalene Crude, Nut Washer, Needle Detector, Neoprene, Needle Bearing, Necklace

Oven, O Ring Rubber, Organic Dye, Orange Oil, Orange, Oats, Onion, Oil Separator, Office Chair, Oxide, Optical Mouse, Oxytetracyclin, Oxygen Analyser, Olive Oil, Oil Ring, Ornament, Oil Cooler, Oil Gear, Oil Pump, Oil Seal, O Ring Seal, Organic Chemical, Oil Tank, Oil Heater, Oil Press Gauge

Plastic Toy, Pci Card, Plaque, Paraffin Wax, Polyester Cloth, Phone Holder, Pen Bag, Plastic Closure, Phenol, Poly Film, Plastic Nylon, Polish Pad, Power Adapter, Peripherals Computer, Plastic Product, Pet Film, Plate Clutch, Poly Ethylene, Paper Carrier, Plastic Bead, Printing Color, Proximity Card, Plain Fabric, Price Tag, Polyester Button

Quality Yarn, Quinoline, Quilt, Quinine Sulphate, Quantum, Quartz Watch, Quartz, Quinine, Quartz Tube

Rig, Rubber Sole, Rivet, Regulator Valve, Rubber Stopper, Rice, Red Acid, Range, Relay Switch, Roller Assembly, Rubber Hose, Router, Rubber Joint, Roller Brush, Roller Pin, Rubber Chemical, Roller Rubber, Residue Wax, Resistor, Rutile, Rubber Compound, Rubber Tyre, Rotary Table, Rack Mount, Refrigerator

Silicon Wafer, Spectrometer, Smart Card, Sewing Threads, Shrink Sleeve, Saddle, Strapping, Sealing Tape, Spring Pin, Stamping, Sanitary Fitting, Sewing Machine, Spray Hose, Sofa Seat, Sweater, Screwdriver, Sander, Silicone Fluid, Scrap Car, Seaweed, Screw Jack, Screw Driver, Sizing Machine, Seamless Pipe, S S Gasket

Tin, Thermocouple, Tacho Generator, Tractor Parts, Timer, Tft Monitor, Tool Holder, Transformer Oil, Turbo Charger, Tellurium, Trimellitic Anhydride, Tapioca, Tooth Paste, Toiletries, Tungsten, Telephone Key, Theodolite, Terminal Block, Tartaric Acid, Thermo Switch, Titanium Chloride, Tyre, Toner, Torsion, Twill Fabric

Utensil, Urethane, Ups Battery, Universal Shaft, U Valve, Uncoated Paper, Usb Modem, Uniform, Usb Disk, Usb Cable, Umbrella, Urea, Ups System, U Bolt, Usb Drive, Ufo Lamp, Ultrasound Scanner, Upholstery Fabric, Ultrasonic Machine, Usb Mouse, Universal Joint

Valve Seal, Vending Machine, Valves, Valve, Valve Coil, Valve Body, Velvet, Vest, Vibrator, Valve Hand, Vacuum Cleaner, Voltmeter, Veneer Plywood, Vacuum Valve, Van, Valve Intake, Video Phone, Video Cable, Video Digital Recorder, Valve Needle, Vcd, Vase, Vanillin, Vaccum Pump, Vanilla

Wax Coat, Wire Rope, Weighing Machine, Water Hose, Wool Cloth, Wheel Rim, Wheel Motor, Wrench, Welding Electrode, Woven Fabric, Washing Machine, Woven Interlining, Wool Fabric, Welding Equipment, WS-C3550-12T, Whisky, Wires, Weaving Machine, Water Purifier, Wax Emulsion, Water Meter, Winding Machine, White Powder, Wall Paper, Waste Kraft Paper

X Ray Film, X Ray Machine, X Ray Equipment, Xerox, Xylidine, X Ray Tube, Xanthan Gum, Xenon Lamp, X Ray Accessories, Xylene

Yarn Fabric, Yarn Dye, Yarn Filament, Yellow Pigment, Yellow Peas, Ylang Oil, Yellow Oxide, Yarn In Cotton, Yam, Yarn Waste, Yeast, Yellow Ink, Yellow 2, Yarn Wool

Zinc Dust, Zinc Ingot, Zeolite, Zipper Nylon, Zipper, Zinc, Zinc Plate, Zipper Fastener, Zinc Scrap, Zipper Lock, Zinc Powder, Zener Diode, Zircon, Zinc Stearate, Zip Bag, Zipper Puller, Zinc Coil, Zip, Zinc Alloy, Zinc Ash, Zip Lock, Zipper Chain, Zirconium, Zip Fastener, Zinc Dross

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