India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Buyers Directory, List and India Import Data.

India Importers Directory, India Imports Data & Import Statistics are prepared from India Import Shipments and Import Bills of Entry filed with India Customs.

This information gives most active and authentic Indian buyers of your product.

We can create a Buyers Importers List for any import product of India.

Information has fields like Indian Importer Name, Import Prices, Import Quantity & Product Imported , Date of Import etc.

Links of Sample Lists are given below.

 India Importers Buyers Database based on India Import data from Customs of various Indian Ports like JNPT, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Mulund, Tuticorin, Bangalore, Vizag, Kandla, Mundra, Cochin, Tughlakabad, Delhi TKD and ICD PPG.

Aluminium Seal, Aniline, AC Adapter, Alpha Olefin, Amino Acid, Acrylic Mat, Amoxicillin, Alarm Clock, Apple, Acrylic Copolymer, Acetanilide, Air Cooler, Analytical Balance, Amoxycillin, Aerosol, Acid Salt, Angle Grinder, Adhesive Sealant, Auto Wire, Alum, Air Conditioner Compressor, Air Freshener, Ac Motor, Autoclave, Audio Equipment

Bracket, Baby Diaper, Bracket Mount, Boiler, Buckle, Butadiene Styrene, Brochure, Bridge, Benzene, Black Glass, Blind, Bleach Pulp, Blower, Brass Chain, Brake, Ball Clay, Banner, Butyl Cellosolve, Bore, Belt, Borax, Battery Lithium, Battery Light, Brake Spare Parts, Baby Powder

Communication Cable, Cigarette, Cell Button, Cable Plug, Cutting Board, Cotton Raw Cotton, Crimping Tool, Carbon Plate, Clutch, Citral, Cellular Phone, Cassette Tape, Cleaner, Chemical Rubber, Ceramic Roller, Car Tool, Concrete, Computer Cpu, Chrome Plate, Cucumber, Cobalt Unwrought, Chemical Alcohol, Charcoal, Copper Cable, Clip Hanger

Dispersant, Diethyl, Dumper, Dairy, Drill Pipe, Diesel Engine Part, Drive Gear, Diamond Powder, Digital Inverter, Dried Nut, Dvd Rom, Door Lock, Diamond, Dental Instrument, Display Pan, Digital Indicator, Deep Freezer, Diamond Wheel, Dvd, Disperse Yellow, Dye Intermediate, Diesel Engine, Decorative Item, Dry Battery, Dioxide

Electron Balance, Electrical Fitting, Electric Meter, Edge Blade, Eye Glass, Epoxide, Epabx, Exhaust Fan, Exercise Equipment, Embroidery Machine, Engine Part, Electric Tape, Electric Model, Ear Phone, Electronic Jacquard, Electronic Component, Electric Paper, Electrical Connector, Electromechanical, Expansion Joint, Electric Resistor, Ethyl Acrylate, Electric Generator, Engine Filter, Erythromycin

Foil Paper, Freezer, Filament Polyester, Feather, Fluoride, Fibre Optical Cable, Filter Screen, Fiberglass, Fan Belt, Floor Tile, Fibre Asbestos, File, Filling Machine, Fragrance Oil, Free Wheel, Filter Housing, Filter Cartridge, Fresh Garlic, Fuel Tank, Flower Pot, Furfuryl Alcohol, Flocculant, Flow Indicator, Fine Gold, Food Processor

Glass Oil, Gasket Seal, Gasket Cylinder, Garments, Glass Tub, Gear Assembly, Goat Leather, Glass Flower, Grease, Ginger, Glass Bottle, Glue, Glass Bowl, Glass Shell, Grill, Globe, Grade Paper, Gas Regulator, Grinding Wheel, Gear Box, Gear Part, Gas Filter, Garment, Gold Bar, Garment Accessories

Head Bolt, Hot Plate, Hammer, Hose Fitting, Heat Meter, Hydraulic Cylinder, Hand Tool, Head Cap, Hand Pump, Hot Rolled Sheet, Hand Phone, Heptane, Heparin, Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate, Halogen Lamp, Hardness Tester, Hand Truck, Honey, Hybrid Seed, Hexane, Hydroxy Acid, Herbal, Halogen Bulb, Helicopter Parts, Hand Bag

Inkjet Printer Ink, Injection Pump, Isopropyl Alcohol, Industrial Spring, Indigo Dye, Insulating Paper, Inkjet Paper, Iranian Pistachio, Incubator, Iron Oxide, Iridium, Industrial Blade, Injection Moulding Machine, Iron Pipe, Ink Jet Printer, Ipa, Ink Pad, Ic Chip, Industrial Fan, Iso Propyl Alcohol, Inkjet Printer, Insulation, Insulating Tape, Industrial Blower, Inlet Valve

Juice, Jacket, Juicer, Junction Box, Japanese Food, Jacks, Jelly, Jig, Jeans, Joystick, Jumper, Jewel Box

Knife, Kitchenware, Ketone, Kitchen Equipment, Kaolin, Kidney, Knit Fabric, Koyo Bearings, Kraft Paper Sack, Knitting Machine, Keyboard, Key Lock, Key Mobile, Kraft Paper, Knitting Needle, Keychain, Knitted Fabric, Key Chain, Key Pad, Kettle, Knitted Polyester, Kerosene Oil, Key Ring

Locking Ring, Ladies Slipper, Lab Accessories, Leather Coat, Lint, Light Fitting, Lcd Monitor, Lcd Tv, Linen Yarn, Linen Fabrics, Light Meter, Locknut, Liquid Crystal Device, Lcd Clock, Laser Jet Printer, Ladies Shoes, Lysine, Lub Oil, Liquid Dye, Laboratory Reagent, Leak Detector, Lecithin, Lithium Cell, Lamp Socket, Lumber

Mobile Samsung, Mango, Motor, Methyl, Memory Card, Meter Cable, Motor Shaft, Mouse Pad, Markers, M S Scrap, Magnifier, Moong Green, Micron Powder, Modifier, Michelin, Microcrystalline Wax, Mica, Mpeg Card, Motor Drive, Men Shoes, Mouse Key, Machine Screw, Magnet, Mercury, Mechanical Seal

Nickel Metal, Naphthalene Crude, Natural Leather, Necklace, Nozzle Holder, Nylon Bag, Nylon Cloth, Newspaper, Noodle, Needle Steel, Nickel, Nickel Cathode, Napthalene, Nickel Plate, Niobium, Natural Silk, Nylon, Nail, Needle Roller, Nut Bolt, Nylon Carpet, Nitrile Rubber, Neoprene Rubber, Nitro, Nomex Paper

Organic Dye, O Ring Seal, Office Furniture, Olive Oil, Orthopaedic, Oil Pressure Switch, Oxide Zinc, Optical Lens, Oil Heater, Oil Gear, Oil Hose, Oil Filter, Oil Tank, Oven, Oil Ring, Orange, Oil Seal, Oxygen Analyser, Oil Cooler, Oxide Magnesium, Optical Brightener, O Ring Rubber, Oxytetracyclin, Oil Grease, Office Chair

Plastic Tube, Pvc Flooring, Peas, Printed Catalog, Paper Sticker, Power Relay, Photocopier, Pvc Bead, Polypropylene, Printing Card, Paper Box, Pig Leather, Paraffin, Pyrrolidine, Panasonic, Pvc Tube, Plastic Mat, Pvc Cement, Plastic Screw, Pressure Cleaner, Para Cresol, Polyster Fabric., Pci Card, Plastic Panel, Plastic File

Quilt, Quartz Watch, Quinoline, Quartz Tube, Quartz, Quality Yarn, Quantum, Quinine, Quinine Sulphate

Raw Asbestos, Ring, Roll Pvc, Relay, Rayon Yarn, Razor, Refractory, Range, Roller Pump, Red Acid, Refine Wax, Reactive Blue, Roll Label, Rubber Gasket, Readymade Garment, Red Rubber, Rayon Fabric, Rubber Spring, Rubber, Roller Pin, Round Wire, Rubber Tyre, Rose Oil, Radian, Research Microscope

Steel Flange, Sizing Machine, Stainless Steel Valve, Steel Roll, Surgical Equipment, Strainer, Screw Plug, Spot Light, Silica Calcium, Sheep Leather, Selenium, Screw Lock, Soap, Seeds, Silver Powder, Semi Paraffin, Silicon Rubber, Seedlac, Sodium Meta, Shaving Knive, Synthetic Organic, Shoe Insole, Silk Dupion, Sewing Machine Parts, Safety Device

Tractor, Tertiary Butyl, Tantalum, Ti Titanium, Tea Set, Torque, Theodolite, Thrust Washer, Telephone Key, Tiffany Co, Tool Holder, Twin Tub, Titanium Dioxide, T Shirt, Tee Fitting, Teeth, Tape Adhesive, Testing Machine, Thermostatic Valve, Torque Wrench, Table Clock, Temperature Probe, Tyre, Thiamine, Toys

Usb Drive, Ups System, Universal Joint, U Valve, Ultrasonic Machine, Usb Modem, U Bolt, Usb Cable, Uncoated Paper, Umbrella, Urethane, Universal Shaft, Uniform, Ufo Lamp, Upholstery Fabric, Urea, Ultrasound Scanner, Utensil, Ups Battery, Usb Mouse, Usb Disk

Vat Red, Video Recorder, Valve Seat, Vacuum Tube, Vat Blue, Valve Needle, Vase Flower, Vibrator, Vane Pump, Video Card, Varnish Paint, Vase Ceramic, Valve Plate, Valve Guide, Vulkacit, V Seal, Vegetable, Valve Flange, Valve Gasket, Vacuum Valve, Video Conferencing System, V Belt, Valve, Valve Cap, Varnish

Weaving Spare Part, Wrist Watch, Wound Gasket, Waste Paper, Wall Light, Water Paper, Winding Machine, Waste Acrylic, Water Pump, Water Purifier, Weighing Scale, Waste Carpet, Welding Electrode, Wool Polyester, White Lace, Wrench, Wrapping Machine, Webbing, Watch Dial, Wheel Motor, White Pigment, Wedge Lamp, Wood Flooring, Wash Oil, Weaving Machine

X Ray Accessories, X Ray Machine, X Ray Tube, X Ray Equipment, Xerox, Xylene, Xylidine, Xenon Lamp, X Ray Film, Xanthan Gum

Yarn Wool, Yellow Oxide, Yarn Filament, Yam, Yarn Waste, Yarn Dye, Yellow 2, Yeast, Yellow Peas, Yarn In Cotton, Yellow Pigment, Yellow Ink, Yarn Fabric, Ylang Oil

Zinc Dross, Zinc Powder, Zinc Dust, Zipper Lock, Zinc Ash, Zinc Plate, Zircon, Zinc Ingot, Zirconium, Zip Lock, Zipper, Zinc Alloy, Zener Diode, Zip Bag, Zinc, Zinc Stearate, Zip, Zinc Coil, Zinc Scrap, Zip Fastener, Zipper Chain, Zeolite, Zipper Nylon, Zipper Fastener, Zipper Puller

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